Feelings Poems


Why does every love song remind me of you
Whether it is a break up, miss or strong love song!
Every single song, reminds me of you
It makes me sure that love we had was so strong
It is unbelievable this connection
I look to you, I see my reflection
I look to me, I see your finger prints
On my life, on my soul, it’s all your prints
Our eyes do not lie
My feelings will never fade
With you, I always fly
I always feel, for you I was made

Do you know my love? – A Song

This song has a lot of meanings behind. I love its words. I will post it here. On the hope that its words would prove to be wrong one day.

عارف حبيبى ايه اللى زود فى الخلاف
بقيت بلاقى بينا مليون اختلاف
انا كل ماعمل حاجة بينا تقربك
مبقتش الاقى حاجة واحدة بتعجبك
واما اسألك بتحبنى وتقولى أه
مبقتش قادر اصدقك وبقيت بخاف
نفس الاتنين اللي اتفقوا ومبينهم وعد
خايف باديهم يفترقوا و يموتوا بعض
لابقيت تسمعني و تفهمني ولا حاسس بيا
وكاني عدوك و سعادتك في عذابك ليه
واما اسألك بتحبنى وتقولى أه
مبقتش قادر اصدقك وبقيت بخاف
هو احنا مالنا وايه جرالنا وليه كده
وليه وصلنا لكل ده

This is where you can listen to it..

Where is the love – Celine Dion

If ever a boy,
Stood on the moon
All the heavens would call them angels ’round
Stop the tears from troubled skies…
Falling… falling… falling

If ever the river could,
Whisper your name,
Would the choices you made still… be the same?
Like a flower that dies from angry rain
… Why do we hurt

Where is the love…
That lets the sunlight in to start again?
The love… that sees no colour lines
Life begins, with love,
So spread your wings and fly,
Guide your spirit safe and sheltered,
A thousand dreams that we can still believe…

If ever a boy,
Stood on the moon,
Carrying all of his treasures from the stars,
To a rainbow which leads to where we are
Together we chase the sun

Where is the love…
That lifts my brother’s voice,
To the skies
The love
That answers a mother’s cry
Life begins, with love,
So spread your wings and fly,
Guide your spirit safe and sheltered,
A thousand dreams that we can still believe…

A boy stood on the moon…
The ancient souls can still discover
A thousand dreams that we can still believe
That we can still believe
We can
Still believe
We can still believe…

Desperate.. Shallow.. Lost..

I cannot describe how I am sad
About myself, I feel so bad
I feel my life is taken away from me
And every good thing I might be
I need to change my self and my life
I am not even sure if  I am alive
The dreams I have given up
All my life is mixed up
Crawling to survive my day
Depression along all the way
Nothing I do is enough
Everyone’s treatment is so rough
I no longer know my style
I even failed to find my smile
Desperately trying to find my self
Apparently I left my soul on a shelf
Fully covered with dust
Desperate… Shallow… Lost

Scattered Feelings

Searching for you everywhere
I can hardly find your flare
You were the one bringing light
For my life you were the delight
You were the definition of beauty
You released me from every duty
You filled me with innocence
Sadness was just nonsense
You unleashed my soul to the unknown
All my worries on you were thrown
Because I trusted you being by my side
From you, I had nothing to hide
You were my shelter in the cold
I truly loved the way you were bold
The last thing I wish to tell you
I truly do miss you


All those memories I live with
All those feelings I badly miss
I miss every moment I was there
I am dying for that special care

A million unanswered why
No one ever seemed to understand
Everything seemed to be a lie
Every one lives on a different land

Every dream I once lived for
is crushed..
Every hope that was there before
is vanished..

I miss being there
Which reminds me with every sad song
Where I have no life to share
Where now I no longer belong

Is It Just You?

I hate the way you make me feel
Everything about you is so unreal

You loath my friends
And all my life trends

You scream all the time
You see sleeping as a crime

You no longer bear my requests
You no longer welcome my guests

You stopped loving me
You stopped caring for me

All your promises are now vanished
Whatever I do I am always punished

Telling my opinion is not my right
Making a wish is no longer right

You stopped living for me
Your demands are what you see

Your ego conquered your humanity
You became the definition of insanity

Am I fooled, or is it just you?