Feelings Poems


Why does every love song remind me of you
Whether it is a break up, miss or strong love song!
Every single song, reminds me of you
It makes me sure that love we had was so strong
It is unbelievable this connection
I look to you, I see my reflection
I look to me, I see your finger prints
On my life, on my soul, it’s all your prints
Our eyes do not lie
My feelings will never fade
With you, I always fly
I always feel, for you I was made

Do you know my love? – A Song

This song has a lot of meanings behind. I love its words. I will post it here. On the hope that its words would prove to be wrong one day.

عارف حبيبى ايه اللى زود فى الخلاف
بقيت بلاقى بينا مليون اختلاف
انا كل ماعمل حاجة بينا تقربك
مبقتش الاقى حاجة واحدة بتعجبك
واما اسألك بتحبنى وتقولى أه
مبقتش قادر اصدقك وبقيت بخاف
نفس الاتنين اللي اتفقوا ومبينهم وعد
خايف باديهم يفترقوا و يموتوا بعض
لابقيت تسمعني و تفهمني ولا حاسس بيا
وكاني عدوك و سعادتك في عذابك ليه
واما اسألك بتحبنى وتقولى أه
مبقتش قادر اصدقك وبقيت بخاف
هو احنا مالنا وايه جرالنا وليه كده
وليه وصلنا لكل ده

This is where you can listen to it..

Where is the love – Celine Dion

If ever a boy,
Stood on the moon
All the heavens would call them angels ’round
Stop the tears from troubled skies…
Falling… falling… falling

If ever the river could,
Whisper your name,
Would the choices you made still… be the same?
Like a flower that dies from angry rain
… Why do we hurt

Where is the love…
That lets the sunlight in to start again?
The love… that sees no colour lines
Life begins, with love,
So spread your wings and fly,
Guide your spirit safe and sheltered,
A thousand dreams that we can still believe…

If ever a boy,
Stood on the moon,
Carrying all of his treasures from the stars,
To a rainbow which leads to where we are
Together we chase the sun

Where is the love…
That lifts my brother’s voice,
To the skies
The love
That answers a mother’s cry
Life begins, with love,
So spread your wings and fly,
Guide your spirit safe and sheltered,
A thousand dreams that we can still believe…

A boy stood on the moon…
The ancient souls can still discover
A thousand dreams that we can still believe
That we can still believe
We can
Still believe
We can still believe…

Desperate.. Shallow.. Lost..

I cannot describe how I am sad
About myself, I feel so bad
I feel my life is taken away from me
And every good thing I might be
I need to change my self and my life
I am not even sure if  I am alive
The dreams I have given up
All my life is mixed up
Crawling to survive my day
Depression along all the way
Nothing I do is enough
Everyone’s treatment is so rough
I no longer know my style
I even failed to find my smile
Desperately trying to find my self
Apparently I left my soul on a shelf
Fully covered with dust
Desperate… Shallow… Lost

Scattered Feelings

Searching for you everywhere
I can hardly find your flare
You were the one bringing light
For my life you were the delight
You were the definition of beauty
You released me from every duty
You filled me with innocence
Sadness was just nonsense
You unleashed my soul to the unknown
All my worries on you were thrown
Because I trusted you being by my side
From you, I had nothing to hide
You were my shelter in the cold
I truly loved the way you were bold
The last thing I wish to tell you
I truly do miss you


All those memories I live with
All those feelings I badly miss
I miss every moment I was there
I am dying for that special care

A million unanswered why
No one ever seemed to understand
Everything seemed to be a lie
Every one lives on a different land

Every dream I once lived for
is crushed..
Every hope that was there before
is vanished..

I miss being there
Which reminds me with every sad song
Where I have no life to share
Where now I no longer belong

Is It Just You?

I hate the way you make me feel
Everything about you is so unreal

You loath my friends
And all my life trends

You scream all the time
You see sleeping as a crime

You no longer bear my requests
You no longer welcome my guests

You stopped loving me
You stopped caring for me

All your promises are now vanished
Whatever I do I am always punished

Telling my opinion is not my right
Making a wish is no longer right

You stopped living for me
Your demands are what you see

Your ego conquered your humanity
You became the definition of insanity

Am I fooled, or is it just you?

Is it real?

In some way it is real..
The way you make me feel..
Everyone can hear my heart peal..
For all my wounds, you are the heal..
You took away my pain..
My life is no longer vain..
You moved away my strain..
Because of you.. I am insane..
You really became my life..
Your guide is why I survive..
Now I wish to be your wife..
With you, life is the sweetest drive..
You are the reason why I became me..
You gave me the chance "To Be"
You are the only one I can see..
My dreams became only you and me..


I no longer know what is real and what is not..
What should happen.. and what should not..
What I feel.. and what I don’t
What you feel .. and what you don’t..
I no longer know how things should go..
Whether things are all right or not..
Whether you are who I thought you were or not..
Whether I am who I thought I were or not..
I no longer know..
Whether I should stick to my old everything or not..
Whether I should act as ok or not..
Whether I am really ok or not!!
I no longer know anything..
I no longer know what I want..
I no longer know who I am..
I no longer know how things shall go..

I hate you

Now it became so true..
The feeling that I hold for you..
Now I really do hate you..
I hate every single memory
I hate every single misery
I hate you and your family
I hate everything about you..
I hate the places you took me to..
The funny thing, they were too few..!
Believe it or not.. I do feel better
You became the only loser
Trust me.. I am the winner
I won myself.. my pride
I won my life.. my freedom
I won my old steady stride..
I gave away my depression..
I never felt any regretion..
On the other hand, I really feel complete satisfaction..
Now I realized.. That I really hate you..!

It’s you

When I think of you
I always smile
I remember you..
The way you treat me so fragile

The way you look into my eyes
The way they capture mine
The way you listen if I cry
The way we cross the line

I remember the old days we had
No matter what our lips said
The eyes talked much louder
My feelings are here all that time
I just had to wait for sometime

Now it’s true..
It is you
All my life I waited for you
Now it’s time to live with you


Nothing is as you

Nothing is sweeter than your eyes meeting mine
Nothing is softer than your hands holding mine
Nothing is more gentle than feeling your cheeks over mine

Nothing is more relaxing than you talking to me
Nothing is safer than you walking by me
Nothing is nicer than your odor passing by me

Nothing is more enjoyable than seducing you
Nothing is more amazing than dancing with you
Nothing is more adorable than dreaming with you

Nothing was …
Nothing is …
Nothing will ever be …
As sweet as you ..


I feel stabbed with a sword..
It started with my heart..
and turned it around..
Then went down my whole body till my toe..
splitting me into two..
That sword did not had enough..
It went back to my heart..
Split it again and again..
Then it got my heart out of my chest..
The sword never had enough..
It went up and up..
Split my brain into two..
Wounds all around..
My heart.. My mind.. My soul..
Covered with blood..
Crying blood..
I feel stabbed..
**That is an old poem.. It has nothing to do with me now..

The brother

One of my dreams was to have a brother
Who cares for me..
Who listens to me..
Who is my shelter..

When I knew you..
You became my brother like no other..
You make me value every moment together..
You are so tender.. so kind..
You are really one of a kind..

You gave me your trust and I gave you mine..
You call me before I sleep and with the sunshine..
When I am sad.. you make me smile..
You feel me from over a thousand mile..

You lift me up when I feel down..
You defend me when people say I am a clown..
You understand me without saying anything..
For me.. You are my everything..

You make me see with your eyes..
You make me hear with your ears..
Between us there are no lies..
Every time you shed my tears..

You are the man I always dreamt to have
You are the brother..
You are the friend..
You are the love..

You are the life I always wished to have

Love Rescue

You buried my love somewhere in a desert..

No one can find it.. not even a lizard!

You forgot that we are supposed to be one

My happiness means to you none..

You always think of what makes you happy

Even if that will make me cry

Why can’t you see me unhappy

Why can’t you notice that love will die..

Why can’t you rescue it..

Why can’t you feel it..


Love is screaming for rescue..

But it seems you are shutting your ears..

It seems you are enjoying my tears

I cannot rescue love on my own..

I need you here.. I cannot do it alone..

If only you would sacrifice for my sake..

for your sake.. for OUR sake..

for love’s sake..

Don’t pretend that Love is fake..

Don’t assume that we need a break!

All what we need.. is rescuing our love..

One year ago

One year ago..
I was so crazy about you..
I was dying for a moment with you..
I was waiting for a contact with you..

One year ago..
I wanted to be with you so much..
I wished to feel your tender touch..
I waited for the day when I be yours..

One year ago..
There was so much to say..
I wished to call you everyday..
I prayed for us in every pray..

One year ago..
I dreamed that we would be together..
I believed in that dream like never..
I wished that love lasted forever..

One year ago..
I followed my mind and my heart..
I knew that you would become a precious part..
You took over my mind and my heart..

One year ago..
It all started with me..
You knew how to give it to me..
You planted the love seeds inside me..

After that year..
My love grew more..
I feel you more..
I understand you more..
I miss you more..
I love you like never before..

Love is to accept.. Not to expect

Whenever you will expect..
You will feel so much pain..
Whenever you decide to accept..
Do not start to blame..
Although one may wish for things..
Which may be nonsense for your partner
Don’t consider it nonsense..
Because this is your partner..
When you need him/her the most..
You will feel alone and lost..
When you wait for a word..
You feel stabbed with a sword..
When you expect the least of the least..
You will get nothing.. not even that least..
Don’t expect he/she will give so that you won’t ask..
Because it is an impossible task..
Sometimes you feel you should stop giving..
Otherwise you will spend the rest of your life forgiving..
Do you really expect too much?!

It is time to accept.. not to expect


Don’t you..?!


Don’t take away my only chance
Don’t judge after a quick glance
Don’t take away hope
Don’t leave me hung with a torn rope
Don’t forget the days we spent
Don’t give away what you were lent
Don’t you know it is very precious
Don’t you stop being superstitious
Don’t kill me with your silence
It’s so painfull.. That sound of silence..
Don’t think it’s that simple
Don’t think I won’t tremble
Don’t think I don’t care
Can’t you see it’s unfair
Why don’t you try to give me your trust
Why do you insist to treat me as dust
Don’t you consider me something
Don’t you feel anything
You made me forget the way to smile
You made my heart forget what’s happiness
You made me see darkness for over a thousand mile
You filled my heart with sadness
You kill me a million times every single day
Why.. why.. why..
I wonder when this pain will stop..


I need a clue

I haven’t got a clue
For What I should do
Why am I in pain
Why am I insane


Shall I Turn left or go right
Or simply remain on my way
May be choosing is not my right
I don’t know if I should stay


The bond was so tight
Same confusion every single day
Is that bond still that tight
I no longer know what to say


Is this how my life shall be
Am I who I was meant to be
Is there something I cannot see
May be this is how my life shall be


Is it me or you
Or may be it’s us the two..
Is this real or fake..
May be it’s just a mistake..


No it can’t be wrong..
You are the reason why I am strong..
You are the only one in my song..
I know it is not wrong..


I badly need a clue
If you are still here or not
I need to know what to do
Shall I give up or not!

No longer the same


I was drunk for so long
I thought, for you I belong
Then, when I got sober
When I found it’s over
No more you in my life
I don’t deserve this life
The truth was so tough
You told me it’s enough
As if it was a game
I will never be the same
Nothing you did for my sake
As if all that time was fake
I am accused for a thousand mistake
All of them.. I have never done
I will not take the blame
Set me free..
leave me run
I am no longer the same



All that hatred and devine
All these changes without a sign
You are no longer mine
I can never feel fine


I was used to miss you all time
Before I sleep and with the sunshine
Now, I am a victim of your crime
You do not care.. Not even a sign


You stabbed me with a knife
You took away my life
I don’t know what to believe
I feel so much loss and grief


I have not asked for too much
All I asked for was a tender touch
Me, you could not clutch
I feel I’ve given up too much


You asked for support..for time..
I will give you all of these..
But only for sometime
You have to rescue me.. Please



Each call


After each phone call
Your voice captures my soul
You take me as a whole
You conqure me all


I feel like I never felt before
I feel so much pleasure
I feel you within my body core
You are my real treasure

I love your voice.. Your laugh
The fact you are my second half
I love your words.. Your smile
The way I feel you over a mile

I love your eyes.. Your stare
The way our eyes mistakenly lock
I love your love.. Your care
In my life.. you’re really stuck!

Worst Crime!

 With me, you’re wasting time
For me, it’s the worst crime
It’s not chemistry or physics
It’s just the manners basics


You said you’re serious
But all that time you’re hilarious
In you, I am no longer curious


I feel drowning in the mud
Besides I’m covered with blood
I believe non of what you said


Because of you I feel horrible

Believe me, I feel terrible

My life is totally unbearable


More time, you won’t get

I will win, I do bet
All your mistakes, you’ll regret


You think I am talking in vain
You already destroyed my brain
This time, I am not talking in vain
I will make you see and feel the pain




When a woman loves


When a women loves,
She loves with care,

When a women loves,
She’s always there,

When a women loves,
She never compares,

When a women loves,
She loves with a dare,

When a women loves,
She gives her all,

When a women loves,
She takes the fall,

When a women loves,
She carries your seed,

When a women loves,
She’s there to help lead,

When a women loves,
She loves with peace,

When a women loves,
She uplifts your feet,

When a women loves,
She loves with no reason,

When a women loves,
She brings in a new season,




Why are you leaving me alone that way..
Why are you leaving me burn that way..
Why are you leaving me cry that way..
Why are you pressing on me that way..
Why are you killing me that way..
Why are you making me wrong that way..
Why are you not taking action that way..
Why are you hurting me that way..
Why are you not supporting me that way..
Why are you the reason behind every tear..
Why are you the reason of my fear..
Why are you becoming so unclear..
Why are you taking my cheer..
Why are all these masks you wear..
Why are you neglecting all what you hear..
Why are you making me no longer dear..
Why are you no longer showing care..
Why are you hiding even your stare..


You make a difference

For me, You make a difference
In your eyes, I see innocence
Of a real pure soul..
So complete as a whole..
You rescue me if I fall
Without you I’m too small
Would you please stay
Every second.. Everyday
I never stop to pray
A prayer for us to be one
To walk freely under the sun
To hold hands..
To cross lands..
To share every moment..
To share every comment..
To make every dream come true
To dive deeply into you
You call it weakness
I call it strength
You see it weakness
While it is my strength
You are the reason for my happiness
When you always take my breath


If you changed your mind
Don’t leave me blind
Don’t leave me blow
Please let me know
My dream.. I’d let go
I wonder if you still care
or I became a nightmare
If I am still your dream
or I should be left unseen
May be I’m a reason to scream
The words you told me in the past
Were they strong enough to last
Your presence makes me confused
Why do I always feel abused
May be you are no longer amused
You should consider me at least
Inside me, you unleashed the beast
You lost too much and there’s more
All the wounds you left sore
Myself.. I’ll take revenge for


Why is life so unfair
I neither find love nor care
Many overtake my share
Need love? How could I dare!
When I ask for a soul mate
People say it’s too early
Others say it’s too late!!
May be it’s not my fate
The love I wish to show
The smile I wish to draw
When I take a step
Others tell me to slow!
I no longer care for "Others"
I won’t listen for their bothers
I will follow my heart
Whatever matters!

I hope

The moment I met you
I felt I found a treasure
Being with you
With no more pressure
All what’s left
Is eternal leasure
I miss you
I badly do
These feelings are so true
Do you hold the same for me?
What I hold for you
is deeper than the sea
True more what eyes can see
Away from you I die
Don’t tell me it’s a lie
My future is all about you
..I really hope it’s you..

It is you

When I think of you
I always smile
I remember you..
The way you treat me so fragile
The way you look into my eyes
The way they capture mine
The way you listen if I cry
The way we cross the line
I remember the old days we had
No matter what our lips said
The eyes talked much louder
My feelings were here all that time
I just had to wait for sometime
I do feel it’s our fate
And you’re my soul mate
Now it’s true..
It is YOU