The End…


This will be the end. No more words to be said. No more thoughts to be shared. No more memories to be documented. This is the end of a long journey. It brings nothing but pain. It adds nothing but sadness. Among the many noted memories lie some minor happy moments. They are lost among the whole set of darkness. Along the years, most of the extremes in feelings were captured. The whole moment was recorded with its image, feelings, thoughts, ideas and memories. But now, this has to end. The records bring nothing but misery. Agony became the new name. The only solution I see now, is to terminate the whole tape. That’s why.. This is the end….

انواع الزوج المصري

angry_man_cartoonالزوج المصري انواع.. وانت وحظك طلعلك ايه! جايز يبقى شيك وأنيق لكن كداب ومفيش جملة واحدة صادقة.. يا إما بروطة وكل امله في الحياة انه ينام او يأكل… او فهلوي وبيصلح كل حاجة بنفسه حتي لو ما اشتغلتش أو فرقعت في وشه.. او بتاع بنات وعارف أسامي كل بنات الشركة والعمارة وتاريخ حياتهم و مقاس جزمتهم.. او معترض.. هو مش عاجبه حاجة ولا شكلك ولا أكلك ولا رأيك بما فيهم اسمك شخصيا.. يا إما عصبي وصوته جايب أخر الشارع.. وفيه الأنف.. مش بيغير لولاده ولا بيشيل حاجة وقعت علي الارض ولا بيشيل الطبق اللي اكل فيه علشان مش نضيف ولا بيمسح جزمته.. وعلى طول شايف تراب في كل حتة فى البيت.. و الغريب إنه بيعد على قهوة بلدي و يشيش من لي مستخدم ألف مرة قبله.. وفيه الحرك.. حلال المشاكل وعادة بيسلك نفسه بس بيلبس غيره.. وفيه الاكيل… عايش علشان يأكل وبس… وفيه قليل الحيلة.. مش عارف ازاي يتصرف فى أي موقف ولا ازاي يحل أي مشكلة ولا يروح فين عشان يخلص ورقه… وفيه قليل الأصل.. ملوش في الذوق ولا بيحترم العادات ولا قواعد الأدب مع الناس.. وفيه اللي مش رجل.. صوته رفيع وطريقة كلامه دلع ولبسه مش مظبوط.. وفيه سي السيد.. كل طلباته أوامر حتى لو كانت مش منطقية.. وفيه الفنان.. اللي طول النهار بيغني حتى لو صوته وحش.. وفيه الرياضي.. كل حاجة أدوات للتمرين بما فيهم العيال.. وفيه المطنش.. معنا ومش معنا.. لازم نفكره بكل حاجة أكتر من ١٠٠ مرة فى الإسبوع..

الأنواع كتير.. المهم انك تكوني عارفة هو أنهي نوع والأهم انك تكوني بتعرفي تتعاملي وتتعايشي مع النوع ده!

2016 In A Post

bfc174_9c6a4592f91545eb87e1de61d97d81992016 has been a challenging wonderful year for me, with some pitfalls. I have figured out a lot of new things about myself. I have learned a lot about myself. Above all, I have finally cleaned up a lot of mess that I have lived with for years…

On the career level, I have changed my job to gain more responsibilities. It is more interesting, with more communication obligations, and a lot more new things to explore. I have also finally ended my job at the university in Egypt. They were reluctant for the past year to extend my legal vacation. So, I am finally fired out of there. Honestly, I am happy I finally have received a paper which frees me out of that chain to be at the university. I loved it when I was teaching, but I was sure I would not return back to it EVER again.

hd-best-friends-forever-picture-download-free-620x349On the friendship level, I have changed a lot. In the previous years, I have been losing my friends one after the other except very few. I have barely made new friendships. Also, I have mostly friends of the opposite gender. I barely managed to find a good friend of the same sex or succeeded to maintain it. But this year, things have changed… MASSIVELY. I have made a wonderful new friendship in May by chance during a business trip. I became closer to some old friends here and also my old friends in Cairo. I have became closer to my family. I have also managed to break that myth that I cannot be a close friend to girls. I have clicked to an amazing girl here, where we became best friends in a blink of an eye. I could read her, she could understand me, and we ignited that positive energy inside each other. We became partners in crime and partners in peace. I have also got the chance to know new comers here. A couple of them became very good friends that I can count on. I do enjoy their company, and I do enjoy the time we spend together, with or without kids. I have helped them get through the first period in a new country with all its stress. This year held many new aspects on the friendship level. I have widened my circle of friends in a beautiful way. I have let go of those who were sources of pain. They were tying me up! I have succeeded to get over that fake attachment to those who brought nothing but misery. One important discovery about myself was: friendship is one of the major pillars for my happiness. I cannot live without it, and I cannot enjoy life without it.

On the physical health level, my body became more stable. I am adapting with the auto-immune disease very well. I have no more nagging disorders. I might have more often insomnia, but I relate it to my thyroid disorders. When it gets back its normal functionality, it makes me extremely hyperactive and I barely manage to sleep. I can spend up to 3 weeks sleeping no more than 4 hours daily. But the good thing is that it does not make me tired. Also, I have still a longer road to take to stabilize the rest of the disordered hormones. But the good thing is that I am keeping my physical health under control to keep my psychological state stable…

travellingOn the exploration level, it was awesome! This year I traveled like never before. I traveled alone, with family, with friends, and with my kid. I traveled to Cairo, but it was never for vacation. So, I have never got the time to properly spend the time with my family or friends this year. Every single visit was for a certain purpose that took over the whole the time there. I visited Milan, Prague, Schaffhausen, Mainau, Nürenberg, Straßbourg, Budapest, Vezsprem, Vienna, Schwangau. Each one had a story with a beautiful memory behind. Milan was the first time for me to travel to Italy, and with a lovely family. It was also my first time to pee on the main road because of traffic. Prague is a love story. I visited this city many times and I have built beautiful memories for the places there. Once with my friend, once alone, once with my team in a micro-bus (mini van), and once with my family and my best friend here. Schaffhausen was an amazing location in nature to explore with my close friends here. We have received a couple of speeding tickets, but I enjoyed being barefooted in the Rhine waterfall! Mainau was with a friend of my kid and her mom. The nature there was breathtaking and it was great to take my husband on the fly with us to that beautiful spot. Nürenberg was an interesting city where I knew another family along two beautiful days. Straßbourg was my first time to travel alone with my friends. We spent two nights together where we walked around in the french city with German names. It was amazing except for that missing bathroom curtain! Budapest, Vezprem and Balatonfürd were all reviving with the beautiful warm weather, and the breathtaking nature. It was our first time as a family to spend all that time together on vacation. Vienna was nice to visit, but not worth going again. I liked the outlet city in Parndorf more than Vienna itself! Schwangau.. the drive, the place, the lake, the food, the company, and the mountain was an unforgettable experience. I was lucky to get the chance to explore a lot. I wish the next years I have an equal or a better chance. It refills my soul to get attached to nature, and it revives my heart to spend quality time with different people.

On the hobbies level, I sustained writing and sports. For writing, I started to write in an online portal centered in the United States in New York, which came as a source of light during some hard times. It is called My Trending Stories. For sports, there was nothing special this year other than the fact that I keep on going to sports. I still go to Crossfit alone. I am happy with the achieved body figure and muscles built. I seize the opportunity to try new sports like skating, climbing or bouldering. It is not that easy to keep on going alone, but I hope that my motivation remains high enough to make me go. I also wish to have a company to make me willing to go.

how-to-turn-a-failure-into-a-wild-successOn personal targets level, I have had a few set of targets for 2016, which were mostly achieved except one major one. I fooled myself that I haven’t missed that target by playing around with words and definitions. But now, after facing myself, being honest and accurately picked the right words (refer here: “Name It” for better explanation), it became very clear that I missed that target. I have still some work to do to achieve that target for next year. Despite that pitfall, I have learned the lesson, and I am more precise how to achieve it next year.

On the parenting level, there is a lot going on. I became my child’s best friend. She goes with me almost everywhere, and she enjoys me going with her everywhere. I am working hard to be part of her life. It is beautiful when she revises with me Quran, or when we cook something together. She is more confident now to do more things on her own, but she still enjoys me doing it for her. She has lost interest in gymnastics, but she enjoys swimming now more. I have a full schedule for her for the week days where we do a lot together. Moreover, this year, she managed to have more time with grandparents than before. It is now more critical in her age what my actions and my words are. She asks some questions which I fear to answer. She learns everything now by heart, so I should be very careful… ALWAYS. She is even now enjoying the time she spends with my friends. Many decisions I make now, are basically influenced by her existence.

On the religion level, many concepts and beliefs has changed. They are not revisited… They are changed… One reason which changed me in a bad way was despair. When I lost faith and hope in myself, I have lost my track in religion… Nevertheless, one book which changed me in a good way was “Reclaim your Heart” for Yasmin Mogahed. Many other videos for her made me revive that hope, and change how I see and deal with religion in general.

After all, the year has almost passed. I miss my parents and family more and more. I miss important events in the other place of the world. On the other bright side, I have built a life here. Many things have changed inside of me. I have made wonderful friendships that I would not compromise. I know myself better, and I see a new set of targets for the new year to come.