It is just a picture..

Behind every picture lies a story.. a feeling.. a hidden thought and a secret… you can only see the picture from outside in the frame, but you can never see what lies beyond that frame.. 

A smiling face with a hundred tear behind… a lovely gift with a lot of emptiness inside… a beautiful scene with unseen pain behind the lense… a happy baby with exhausted unremarkable parents.. a laughing couple with endless struggles..

It is usually just a picture with one certain angle for a single moment in a certain place. But it never captures the full real shot with its feelings, details, history and background. 

Only those who are being captured would hold the full truth in their hearts. But for everyone else… it is just a picture…


What was said, is said!

12548445-7147-mYou defined your expectations in a way which I cannot reach. You overlooked everything I do and focused on the details which I could not do. You overwhelmed me with blames I could not handle, and loaded me with feelings I did not cause. Your words left me with a heavy heart, full of pain and with many sleepless nights. Is this part of your satisfaction; to leave those you love in agony? Is it how you function? Is this your definition for care?

You accused me of disrespect, while among all that was said, you were the one disrespecting me. You disrespected my privacy and the way I manage my life. You disregarded my circumstances and my conditions. You judged me without knowing the facts. Even your approach for knowing part of the truth was quite provoking. You accused me with actions I did not do. You chose to break my heart rather than find excuses for me. You were too self centered that you overlooked how your words might negatively affect me.. and they really did.

I know that your words caused me pain.. lots of it. I know that you asked me to forget what was said, but I do not see it feasible.. At least not at the current time. What was said, is said, and it was definitely too much. You revealed how you think and how you calculate your relationships with people. For me, friends are people who I do not need to pretend with anything while being around them. However, in your case, you made me filter every word being said, watch out for every action being done, and even every idea being thought of. You became the wound not the heal.

Diamond Friends

Some people are like diamonds, they shine regardless the circumstances.

diamondThey are so pure, so beautiful and so genuine. They have crystal clear hearts with very high values. These people leave traces of happiness everywhere they go and with everyone they talk to. Once you be-friend them, they stay. None of the surroundings affect them. They stay even if they were forgotten for years because of life dilemmas. On the moment that you contact them again, they shine as always. In fact, they create a more beautiful environment, a happier vibes and a calmer atmosphere. They absorb all the negativity around without being damaged, and they bring out the best of ourselves with the strongest magical powers… the diamond power…

I am blessed with those diamonds in my life. At the moments when I lose hope, only those bring out the best of me.

Don’t hire the artist when you expect the athlete!

Don’t hire the artist when you expect the athlete! And definitely do not hire an athlete when you need an artist!
People have different natures and various talents. These talents control one’s personality and define one’s optimal path in life. Some jobs require certain set of skills and a predefined character to fit. For example, some jobs require good deal of artistic spirit to be able to be creative. Some other jobs need those who can handle stress and finish the job quickly.

Most of the time people overlook the nature of those they hire. Sometimes they hire an artist and expect him to finish the designated task as an athlete, or vise versa. It simply does not work that way. Both of them feel frustrated after a while. The manager for not getting the work done, and the employee for not being appreciated and always under performing.

Study well who you work with to plan their lifestyle. You need more than just a person in the team. It is a whole set of thoughts, characteristics, ideas, feelings and preferences that you deal with. You hire a whole person, so choose wise what you ask for.

The Details

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It is always about the details…

Those who pay attention to our details, make all the difference in our life. This particular friend who notices our mood from the tone of our voice. This certain colleague who knows our fears from our eyes without spelling a single word out. This peculiar person who cheers us up by a simple candy without asking for it. There are some people who make all the beautiful differences in our lives, without asking for it.

I remember this day when I was totally down, crying for no reason and extremely depressed, that you showed up. You asked no questions, and told few stories. You gave me that confidence to open up. You guided me to trust you. I only listened to you and your words. Your stories might be untrue. They might be fairy tales. But they perfectly matched how I felt that day. I always wonder how you could feel me that way. Is it my extroversion, or your intuition?

I remember that other day when I was sensually emotional. You showed up out of nowhere. You stood behind me, filling up those gaps. You cherished my sensuality, and valued my emotional state. This was a day when you recognized that sensual urge from the tone of my voice. I didn’t have to explain or hide. When you noticed this little detail, you gave me the room to be myself.

It has always been your talent to notice the details the reason for my happiness. You made me at ease to be who I am. Your recognition for my details, shortened the way to my heart.

The End…


This will be the end. No more words to be said. No more thoughts to be shared. No more memories to be documented. This is the end of a long journey. It brings nothing but pain. It adds nothing but sadness. Among the many noted memories lie some minor happy moments. They are lost among the whole set of darkness. Along the years, most of the extremes in feelings were captured. The whole moment was recorded with its image, feelings, thoughts, ideas and memories. But now, this has to end. The records bring nothing but misery. Agony became the new name. The only solution I see now, is to terminate the whole tape. That’s why.. This is the end….