Types of Parents

There are many types of parents and according to their type, their children thoughts will be formulated. I was thinking about this issue deeply. Why are some children so sensitive and so fragile? Why others are so tough? Why others listen? Why others do not even talk? Why some guys refuse marriage? Why some girls pretend to be something else? A lot of questions about different behaviors and they are all consequences of different parents.

Type I: Tough Parents. They are against any activity their child wants to do. They are against any way of dressing. They are not allowing their child any kind of freedom. The child is a revolutionary child. He does not like anything surrounding him. He hates life. He can hardly cope with others. He usually feels that friends are the real family. These parents leave a lot of wounds in their kid’s heart. The gap between parents and kids is too wide. Usually, day starts with a fight, and the kid normally sleeps on his tears. As soon as this kid grows up and be a man, he tries to break every rule set by his parents, plus he never tries to involve them in his personal life. Also, if this kid was a girl, she would stick to silence to avoid quarrels, and as soon as she has got the chance to escape her life, she will take it. She lies about almost everything to do whatever she likes without being caught. It is not a matter of doing right or wrong things, it is a matter of escaping her family and searching for a virtual family between her friends and beloved ones. Tough parents generate bended kids with fragile broken hearts.

Type II: Indulging Parents. They are doing everything their kid asks for. They give him everything. They do all what they can in all means, just for the sake of their child. They are over-indulging their child. In this case, the child is over spoiled. The child never experiences a situation where his request is being rejected. When this child grows up, he never accepts refusal or denial. He always sees that everyone is serving him. He sees that whatever he needs should be done. He hardly know the difference between right and wrong. He does not care whether it is wrong or not, as long as he wants something, then it should be done. These kids are totally dependant. They can hardly be responsible of a new life. They are terrible wives/husbands. Who can ever bear to live with such selfish characters! They definitely are so selfish. Indulging parents introduce spoiled selfish grown ups to the society.

Type III: Loving Parents. They are the parents that do their best to keep their children in a good state. They give them all the necessary care. They raise their children on love and with love. They are extremely strongly attached to their kids. I know that this is the normal type of parents. Parents that give all the care to their children. Parents that help their kids grow up and be responsible. Parents that teach their children how to face life. These parents sometimes fall into some traps when they choose love over what should be done. When their children insist on doing something they do not agree on, they choose to let him do it from their loving instinct. They let them live their life. These parents raise their children well so that when they pass their teen age time, they totally leave them do whatever they want to do. These parents are strongly attached to their kids that they can hardly imagine them being away. Unfortunately, those type of kids find it hard to be trapped with new rules. They need a special type of soul mates. If the mate is a man of rules, then life won’t work out. But if he is a man who trusts what she is doing, then, it would be a perfect life. Because she would be doing whatever she wants without being overwhelmed with new rules. Loving parents raise a responsible loving grown-up who hates rules.

Type IV: Giving Parents. These are the parents who give everything for the sake of their children. They give their life, their time, their job and their everything for the sake of raising their kids. This type of parents normally are formed of a hard-working father and a housewife mother. These kids are having a healthy parents who give all their care and attention for them. Sometimes the father is always not here. Sometimes the mother is doing more than she should. But in some other cases, parents can make the right equation for their kids. In case the father was not here, these kids are so soft. They are raised on the concept that the father is the money-maker and the mother is the maid. They are incapable of starting a new life with a working mother. Also, a woman would be totally agreeing if her husband asked her not to work. These parents are not always up-to-date with technology, especially the mother. How could she cook, clean, raise her kids and yet be a technology mother! The over-giving parents are a blessing for every child but they make it hard for any mate for their children! Their children can hardly do things on their own. Their girls can hardly be independent successful workers and wives (I mean both). That’s why most of the time, their girls can hardly accept the marriage idea. Their boys almost never share in the house work. Consequently, these parents generate more of “see-el-sayed” men and “anti-marriage” girls.

Type V: Non-existing Parents. These are the parents who almost never exist for their children! They give them zero care, zero supervision and zero anything their kid would need psychologically. These parents are only money providers. They do not know their kids. They do all what they can to be away of their children. These parents unfortunately give their kids one good and one bad thing. The good part is raising a fully independent child. The child almost tried everything, and he is fully capable of identifying the good and bad of everything. The bad part about these parents is about the behavior. Basically, this child learns from outside the house. So, you can never know from where he will learn his behavior, what kind of friends he would make. You can never know if he would ever try drugs or change his religion! You can never know if she is still a virgin or not! You can never know. The non-existing parents is the way most of the western parents live. But we are all aware how terrible their lives is. Yes, they are fully independent and responsible. But manners wise, you can never know. These parents generate disloyal children with no expected behavior pattern. They also introduce more immature parents and more psychologically homeless grown-ups.

Classification of parents is a never-ending list. Especially that most parents are not sticking to one type, most parents are hybrids of two or three types. But normally, you would find a dominant type in your parents. So, what type of parents have you got? And What type of parents would you want to be?



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