Infidelity-not-a-sinInfidelity is definitely one of the worst sins one can make to his life partner. Despite the threats are well know, it still happens!

First of all, we need to understand types of Infidelity. It has two forms; either physical or emotional. The physical one is named as adultery. This is when one partner gets involved in an extramarital sexual act. This happens when at least one of the sinful partners are married. The emotional type is the more common term for cheating or having an affair. It is when someone falls in love, or shares some strong emotions with another person outside the original relationship, which also does not need to be marriage.

Infidelity happens for various reasons. It can be the deprivation of some needs such as appreciation, sexual needs or receiving and giving love in current relationship. It can also be the illusion that one can get everything in life, misery in one’s own marriage, or simply miss-communication. It might become an addiction to someone’s existence even if his/her existence is endangering one’s life. Once the person gets so much attached to that love affair, the ability to weight things right vanishes. The infidel person would be totally ready to give up his/her whole life for the sake of this adventure as per his own perception.

One major difference between men and women is that the impact of the sin differs based on whether it is adultery or emotional betrayal. Men translate unfaithfulness as the physical act of betrayal, which has the strongest impact on men when compared to the emotional one. Men can get over the emotional betrayal relatively quicker than the physical one. Because when it happens, it strikes his pride, his ego and his own image. On the other hand, women are less impacted by the physical infidelity. They translate it as a single instance of adultery which will pass. Women are more emotional creatures who tend to disregard the physical sins of their partners as long as it has no emotions involved. But as soon as she figures out her partner’s emotional connection to another female, she would probably choose separation with no further plan to forgive his greatest infidelity from her own point of view. This happens because when it strikes, it hits her feminine pride, her ego and her trust in her own abilities to satisfy her partner; which is usually irreversible.

Infidelity in general is one of the worst sins one can go through in a long-term relationship. It threatens everyone impacted with this act. It can break the person doing this sin as well as the partner. Moreover, the third person involved in the sin is endangered as well. Needless to mention, that if there were any kids involved, it will be a lifetime threat of shame and humiliation towards the parent who did that action. This breaks trust, pride and creates an unwanted suspicious atmosphere within the relationship. It tears the bondage and opens up a lot of wounds.

However, only if both partners want to work on their relationship, they have to take the whole way together. They should study what took them there. They have to stop pin-pointing sentences. They put an action plan, and help each other get back the reasons why they chose to be together first place. The wound will be there forever, but attempting to heal it, will definitely create a healthier and more beautiful relationship once the peak of the storm passes. It becomes only a stage which takes the whole relationship to a completely new amazing level.



        1. Let me make sure I understand. Instead of not typing, you put in extra effort to stay untouchable, right now, to me, disregarding everything else outside of me, and put in a smile face, and say all these words. You could have done anything else except this. It’s pathetic that people like you survive. You’ll not stop. not ever.


  1. What do you think of this situation, someone can’t change his/ her emotions towards someone who is not the right person and keeps searching for love with others? is this considered emotional infidelity?


    1. No, infidelity should be when you are lying to someone. In this case it would be yourself, you cannot be infidel to yourself. As long as there is no actual established relationship, there will be no infidelity.


        1. You said you love someone who is not the right person. So, searching for love somewhere else is not infidel akeed… Because for me, infidelity is an act of lying to someone about your feelings or your actions. So, when you love the wrong person, try to get over it by searching for love somewhere else, this is not a lie to anyone. You cannot be lying to yourself.

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