Fear of Pain

  When I thought that people get over the bad incidents in their life, I was naïve. People never forget the hard times they went through. They surely never forget those stabs in the heart from the nearest fellows, partners, or friends. They might get over the pain, but the fear will always remain. That tremendous fear of going through that same pain again is beyond description. The unexplained avoidance for some things clarifies the huge panic of the recurrence of such painful situations. 

In most cases, the pain resides hidden somewhere in the heart waiting for the most insignificant trigger to explode. From the least noticeable action or thought, the agony comes back so aggressive, so vigorous, and so massive. It leaves remnants of the soul scattered all around, barely noticed, hardly seen, and extremely vulnerable. Some pain is beyond healing. Regardless the time, the people, or the places, some pain is so deep, that leaves wounds bleeding for longer than what a lifetime can ever heal.

Some pain hides under the shades of a smile, but the fear of that pain will never go and would never be hidden.



      1. ‘Never’ is a very dangerous word to use in this topics. We will never know whether ther is or not till we try. And we cannot say we to find a how till we are dead.


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