Keys of My Heart

I know it is happening again. That urging need for a listening heart is knocking on my doors one more time. It is stronger than before, more powerful, and more consistent. Apparently, the defensive barriers that were there before did not survive the first impact. They were severely damaged, with no repairs done.

  I feel it with every stare from you. It pierces directly into my soul without any filters. It reaches my inner soul without any barriers. It explores my feelings, thoughts and emotions. It hits my weakest spots, giving me no option except collapsing hardly in front of that stare.

I feel it with every question. The words are very traditional. However, the meanings behind are beyond what my strength can handle. The very traditional words reveal the tremendous care you give me. They weaken me more and more, giving me no option but to fall for you.

I am fully aware that it is happening again, more beautifully, more strongly, and more baldly. Nevertheless, I am totally clueless what to do to build again that defensive door for my soul. I became so vulnerable in a way which will collapse my pillars… Again.

This time it is for you, and I can’t wait until I fully give you the keys of my heart. I know it is happening, and I can’t wait until we are all way through!



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