Why do We meet Right People in the Wrong Time?!

Sometimes it is better to leave somethings unsaid. Sometimes the more we say, the more it makes us more attached. Sometimes, the bare truth is tougher than what our minds can handle. Sometimes we get attached to people, that we should never get attached to the first place. Some other times, we end up with people, whom we should have never ended up with ever.

choices-710x434It is hard to grasp the way life works. It works in the most complex, complicated, and unexplained ways. It gives us endless chances with the love of our life in the wrong time. Meanwhile, it gives us endless time with the ones we should never fall in love with. Life allows us to love and fall head over heels for those that we wouldn’t help but falling in love for… in the completely wrong time. On the other hand, life gives us full access to the wrong people in the perfect timing, making us end up with a relationship that was never meant to succeed. It makes us stuck forever, because of how it worked.

Why?? Why do we always meet the right people in the wrong time, and the wrong people in the right time? Why? If only I can understand why, perhaps I would have a clue how to steer my life in a happier path.


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