Genuine YOU

I find it pathetic when you are not genuine. On the moment that you stop being yourself to be who you are expected to be is quite devastating. That very specific time when you are seen as a follower to trends, crowds and propaganda is definitely pathetic.

little_girl_glade_angel_spirit_53864_2560x1600I wonder why people fear being themselves. I wonder why some of us are scared of expressing their thoughts; the wildest, most evil, most sexual, purest or strangest thoughts. I wonder why people choose to hide who they really are. I wonder why they are full of fear to be revealed. If they hold that extensive enormous fear, why don’t they then exert the effort to change instead of spending all that effort hiding.

Why would anyone spend a whole lifetime following crowds, erasing their identities, and eradicating their authenticity for the sake of being appealed by others? Is it that hard to be who we really are? Is it fair to communicate what we really think of? Is it normal to be different, and still go on being different without fears?

Why don’t we just be ourselves? Genuinely ourselves? Regardless all the rules, limits, and judgement of those we know. Why can’t we simply be who we are willing to be?



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