A Letter to A Friend – 4

Dear Friend,

Ever since you left, things are feeling different. You were an amazing source of motivation and passion in my life. Now, that you are not here, life is definitely boring. I hardly find the positive sources of energy for my soul anymore. I barely succeed to maintain my positive attitude. I rarely manage to exert more effort to achieve more. Even people can no longer feel my beautiful energy flowing.

Friends-forever-art-Love-bw-graphics-black-and-whites-art-photography-friendship-Love-this-pics-life-yaadeyn-MORENNA-Imagine-blckwht-friends-4-ever-quotes_largeI definitely miss your existence in my life. You have been there filling my days with joy, happiness and cheer. You have been a constant reason for me to smile. I surely miss that open connection that was always there. This beautiful comfortable channel to say what comes to my mind without fear, without worry, and without judgement. The secure feeling you always gave me by just being around is definitely missed.

I did not realize that we were that close, until you actually left. I haven’t comprehended my feelings, until you are actually not here. I was really stupid to not send you this letter earlier. But now, after all what you gave me, I chose to send this open letter for you, in the hope that one day, you will read and understand. Perhaps one day, we get back that channel which was my link to heavens.



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