Nervous Breakdown

Depression_2014_Types_10-22-14_5PM-img_1280x720 (1)Running as a roller coaster along the whole path of life is certainly hectic. It kills more than it builds any life. It is corrosive for the soul, destructive for the emotions, and erosive for the health. It makes us go through long-term stressful lifestyle, which definitely wears our nervous system away. It eats up life one by one, up to a certain point when there is nothing more to be eaten out. This is a dangerous threshold when the destruction reaches the good parts of our souls. It leaves us helpless, not able to make positive steps forward. It affects our bodies, soul and life pushing us rapidly towards severe depression.

Depression because of such tremendous stress would leave no option but a complete nervous breakdown. Such breakdown is dangerous, unpredictable and strong. It takes away our will to move forward or backward. It ends any desire to live or change. It corrupts the beauty within our souls. Moreover, it takes control of our actions. With such breakdown, every action becomes a consequence for the breakdown, leaving no room for blaming. In fact, that depressed person is fully steered by his breakdown, and none of his actions would ever be accounted or judged. They are only an indication for the severity of the breakdown level.


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