Scattered Thoughts about Life

  • running_on_air_by_run_for_freedom-d31n2ugLive the life you always wished to live.
  • Find happiness from inside of you, don’t wait for others to bring it out for you.
  • Search for answers that will bring you peace.
  • Give those you enjoy giving, and take from those who enjoy giving.
  • Don’t force someone to exist in your life.
  • Don’t hesitate to communicate your feelings for anyone.
  • Be bold, honest, clear, and magnificent at all times!
  • Tell those you love, that you love, in every possible chance.
  • Speak up as soon as something goes wrong.
  • Be honest with yourself about who you really are.
  • Love yourself, before asking people to love you back.
  • Be a positive source of energy for those surrounding you. It will fill you with life!
  • Be full of life, and energetic. Find what fills you at ANY price!
  • If you cannot find what fills you, go back to basics. Basic food, basic sun, basic nature will fill you.
  • Talk to more people, you will learn one new thing at least from each one.
  • Never Judge.
  • Never runaway from risks. Take risks every now and then, the adrenaline rush is reviving.
  • Do everything that is marked with a “Don’t”!
  • Don’t do something that everyone has already done.
  • There is no absolutes, nothing is right or wrong
  • Look sincerely into people’s eyes, and try to guess their life story.
  • Listen.
  • Follow your heart sometimes, and your mind sometimes.
  • Find the BALANCE.
  • Love everything, everyone, every time!

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