Soul Enlighters

Some people come to our lives to bring us back to life. Some others come to take our lives away. Some hold the keys of happiness, while others are the reason of misery. Some enlighten the way, while others take away the light.

I was lucky enough to meet both types of people. I was lucky to have the choice. I was fortunate to know both types, and make the choice who to let inside for a lifetime and who to kick out for goodness.

Among what I learned is that there is no one who is complete. I cannot find someone who will fill in all the gaps. I would never find a person who nurtures my emotional soul, physical body, and follow up my lifestyle. Even if I found someone like that, he would probably miss a basic value, or a have a crucial flaw, or speak a different language! 

On top of what I learned is that if anyone I should work hard to love, it has to be myself. If I hardly accept my own company, how would I ever expect others to love me back.

One final lesson: Never let those who enlighten your heart out!


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