birds2The definition of Willpower is sometimes vague, and sometimes misleading. The willpower is not that you prevent yourself from the things that you cannot reach. In fact, the willpower is the ability to control oneself from the things one can easily reach. It is not about what we starve to have. However, it is mostly about what we CHOOSE to have.

The strongest willpower is for those who favor to control their desires rather than blindly follow their needs. The hardest challenge comes always when the person has access for all resources within his hands, though he makes the choice, free-willingly, to not allow his primitive needs steer his own freewill.

There were days when I had no willpower. They were the days of misery when I was swept away by my emotions rather than in control of my own actions. There were other days when I had a conscious strong willpower, when I managed to hold everything in my grip. They were the days when I barely accepted flaws, and overwhelmed my soul with remorse. Now, after all these ups and downs, the best lesson I have learned is that I should balance my actions, reactions, desires and strength of my willpower. I should not stop on every mistake. Above all definitely, I should define how I have to choose.


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