Hidden Talents

Each one of us has his beautiful talent and private hobby. Sometimes we know people for years without figuring out what their secret talent might be. In fact, only when we know the person for real, we would be able to name their favorite hobbies!

You might be working with a colleague for years without knowing that they can take professional photos. Ironically, you might get stuck searching for a photographer for your special event without having the chance to ask your colleague! After all these years, you never knew him that well…

You might be searching for a bicycle but you are new in the field. Meanwhile, your partner in your project is a professional cycler outside work. Sadly, you never talked about anything personal that could create any chance to know that he would be the best candidate to help you in cycling decisions!

This provoking thought made me willing to know people on their very “human” side. The job, or earned money, or appearance does not stop me from willing to know people. My definition of “knowing” became extremely human. I tend to understand the minds, the hobbies, and respect the differences. I tend to accept and appreciate the flaws of each and every one. On the contrary, I respect their trust to open up to me, and I learn from their stories. I have decided to work on knowing people for real, whether it is a hidden talent, and addictive action, or a genuine dream. 

Some friends remain friends for years, and decades, without getting to truly know each other. They never cared to know your real you. Besides, you never cared to dive deep in their souls to truly know them. You call them friends, but the truth is that you barely know each other. You work and live with people for ages, without trying to minimize the gap. The more we decrease our “human” talks, the more we diminish the chances for our developing connections to live. 

We need to connect to our human part, to remain humans.



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