Hug Me Tight 

A hug is always a relief. It transfers energies, emotions, and feelings between the two hugging people. The energy might be positive or negative. The emotions might be love, gratefulness, missing, appreciation, or a simple goodbye. The feelings are transferred clearly through the two bodies in contact, based on how connected the two are.

If you hug your friend the “I miss you” hug, you usually squeeze and hold for sometime until you both are filled from each other. If you hug for a goodbye, you usually keep it short, one arm hug, and no squeezing. If the hug is for a gift or a thank you, it is something in between the “I miss you” and the “Goodbye” hug. Friends always hug by their upper bodies, only their arms and heads are close, while their legs and abdomens are spread apart.

If you hug your lover, the contact is quite closer. Almost the two bodies are connected to be a single body. The lovers hugs vary a lot such as: “Good morning”, “Sleeping”, “Watching movie”, “Happy”, “Sad”, “Pain”, “Cooking” hugs! The list would be too long to write down here, but it is basically any activity or habit accompanied by a hug. Also, the definition for such hugs varies from one couple to another.

If you hug your parents, it takes the shape of the lovers, but without any creepy long touches! It is a hug which fills the human need calling for love and containment. Well, it is just different, and quite warm form of a hug.

One last tip for a wonderful hug: hug with all your senses. Let your arms surround the other person fully. Let your breath inhale a deep breath as soon as the other one is between your arms. Let your mind hear the inner voice of the other one. Allow your heart to feel the heart beats of the other person. Moreover, let your body sense the parts that your body is actually in contact with. Hold tight, the tighter you hold, the more sincere feelings you give the other person.



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