Marrying a Tester?! Never.

Don’t ever marry the man who works in testing. Unless you are capable to handle his pinpointed issues, life would never work out! Developers are way much better!

There is a huge difference between testers and developers. Testers‘ main job is to dig out bugs, and pinpoint the weak spots of any product. They build up their ego on others pitfalls. They harvest their income on others faults. Their glory is based on flaws which they hunt. Testers never care about fixing those mistakes themselves. On the other hand, they work on delegating them to others. In fact, having a problem fixed, is a tempting motivation to hunt more pitfalls for others. Their happiness is based on others misery.

Developers on the other hand are creative thinkers. They are the ones who make products happen. They do not hunt pitfalls, but instead, they work on bringing everything to perfection. They feel ownership for their flaws. They are keen to fix every bug, and resolve every confusion. They do enjoy creativity. They even work together on improving our current world. In fact, they help each others stand against the misjudgment coming from other testers.

Having both jobs described, would you imagine marrying any of those?! Being with a tester implies the need to put up with an arrogant problems-hunter who has no intention to fix anything himself. While marrying a developer is a good chance to build a shared life where everyone is in charge of fixing the issues to have a brighter future.

Seriously speaking, search for the developer character to marry, and run for your life away from the tester!


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