Black Hole Tunnel

There were days when nothing mattered. The whole universe was quite scattered in my mind. Nothing made sense. Everything was quite depressing. Darkness was the only clear vision that prevailed. They were days of loss, misery, agony, and suffer.

I believe I was on the edge of collapsing. I am sure that I had taken a path where no one came back from alive. It was a long tunnel, which started with exploration motives, and ended with a magnificent strong black hole. It was pulling me towards the unknown hell. I was derived aimless, pointless, and without a guide. Until out of nowhere, you showed up.

You were a much more experienced walker in this tunnel, but never went that far. You met others like me, however you never helped anyone out. With me, it was different. You decided to stop, and watch if I would ever stop the walk towards the unknown. When you realized that I am pulled towards the edge strongly, you decided to help.

It could be your belief in my still-good-pulsating-heart. It might be the secret messages you read in my eyes begging you for help. It could also be your pure genuine desire to save someone out of this lethal tunnel. It could be mere coincidence which made our paths intersect in this tunnel. I do not know what reasons that made you decide to help such a miserable soul like mine. But I am always grateful that you made that decision at that particular moment.

You first made me stop the unconscious walk in the deadly tunnel. Then, slowly and cautiously, you convinced me to trust you. Until you stretched your arms trying to reach me, offering me to help. Surprisingly, I did accept your offered hand. You made me hold on to you with the most firm grip I could ever hold. You pulled me back right before reaching the point of no return. You enlightened my soul, and cleared up my heart. 

I sensed your fear while helping me. You were never sure that your strength would be enough for us both to come back safely out of this tunnel. You were worried of how far you need to go into the tunnel to reach out for my hands. It was definitely the furthest that you have ever gone deep in that bloody tunnel. Heavy heartedly, I know that it was for me.

You pulled me. You saved me. I do owe you my life. If it wasn’t because of your helping hand and your decision to save me, I would have been lost in the black hole since years. Now, after coming back out of this tunnel, I feel the necessity to save others before they get lost in the black hole. I became quite experienced with the dark tunnel, how far it might attract people, and how destructive it might get. I have learned how to save others, because of you.

My dear fellow friend, I do owe you my life, and I have learned how to save others, just like what you did with me. Because of you, my life now has a purpose, a reason and a target. Because of you, I found the light within my soul. Because of you, I became a walker in the tunnel to save others, and no longer pulled by the unknown.

Thank you for being you.



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