Sacrificed Freedom

Some people come to our lives and define some boundaries for our freedom. When we make the choice to have them in our lives, it implies abiding by the newly defined limits and boundaries. Some of these boundaries might be hard-to-stick-to, or suffocating, or even annoying, while others might be within our normally defined limits. The hard-to-stick-to limits are the ones which we need to adapt to, as long as we made the choice to keep the people in our lives.

broken-heart-quotes-6It is a full package: people, with boundaries, rules, limited freedom, and other beautiful meanings to life. You either take the whole deal, or ditch it all. But making the choice to accept the deal, implies the consequences of limiting your freedom.

Limiting one’s freedom is not fun. It is miserable, heart-breaking, and so heavy for our souls to accept. However, some sacrifices are done for the sake of that person you accepted in your life. Abiding by their freedom limits is one of the huge sacrifices done. One should never overlook this. In fact, it is one of the most appreciated sacrifices done for anyone at all.

Sacrifices are not always done happily. They are MOSTLY done with a heavy sad heart. Nevertheless, they are done. When we are reminded of the sacrifice and the personal needs, desires, and wishes which we ditched for the sake of that someone, we re-open the wounds. We re-inject the pain, and we poke the eagerness for freedom. We go back many steps backwards remembering how we overlooked our eagerness for this part of our freedom because of that someone. We re-ignite the bitterness, and re-think the choices of keeping that person.

Don’t ever mess with someone’s freedom sacrifices. You might think they were done happily and eagerly. While the fact is always: What is kept aside, in our heart, will always reside.



    1. Nadine, thank you dear. I hope we are aware when we make the choice, that we are giving away our freedom. In many cases, we do not notice it, until it is too late. I really love your comment, it is quite deliberating ❤


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