Give A Life.. Give Love

Our kids are a bless, and we mostly forget it. We get pulled into all the duties and responsibilities and forget the most important aspect for children. We forget to give them a life.

  • Enjoy the little moments you spend with you children; it won’t last long.
  • Don’t ever make them feel a load for you.
  • Don’t push them away.
  • Hug them in every possible occasion.
  • Don’t underestimate their choices.
  • Give them a chance to make mistakes.
  • Enjoy their company.
  • Define your limits, and tolerate the borders being crossed many times.
  • Let them join you in doing what you love.
  • Give them the chance to see you happy.. Genuinely happy.
  • Seize every opportunity to do something you both love together.
  • Never mock them in public.
  • Never make fun of them when you are alone together.
  • Love them.
  • Cook for them, and let them cook for you.
  • Kiss them on every possible minute.
  • Tell them “I love you”, while looking to them in the eyes and while hugging them.
  • Never tell them: “When you get your children, you will know how hard it is”.

Always remember, they did not choose to come to life, or choose to be your children. You are the one who picked your partner and brought them to life. Cherish them, and give them memories to live on.


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