The Less I Know, The More I Go!

The more we know, the more boring it gets. The more we do not know, the more exciting it gets.

Business dream It is a fact in the human nature, once we know everything about a certain topic, it gets less interesting. It gets boring. It creates routine, and kills passion. Nevertheless, the less we know about a certain topic, the more eager we become to understand it. It has to be of course something that grabs our attention. But as a general rule, anything that we do not know enough, will always be extremely interesting.

Measure this for a job, a study, a sport, or even a partner. The more you know, the less interesting it gets. The less you know, the more eager and passionate you become. You sacrifice your sleeping hours to read, work, or talk to that new partner. You day dream of the future, and you build stories in your mind. You simply become eager to live.

One of the good strategies I figured out was to always dig deeper in different directions to keep my passion. I have never started a single topic and went up vertically in terms of knowledge, unless I start simultaneously multiple topics to create more passion and find the motivation. I kill boredom by jumping to new topics, which takes me back to my initial topic. It is a stressful way, but it works wonderfully with me.

Tell me less, you will find me attached, motivated and full of passion. Tell me everything, you will kill my aspiration to go forward on my own.


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