I Give Up

img_1337I cannot find enough strength to move forward on my own anymore. I have exerted every possible emotional reserve I had. I ran out of inner energy trying to survive without you. But sadly, I have tremendously failed.

I have lived in the massive illusion that I am massively strong with enormous emotional strength to face any prank of life. I have believed the lie that I can go on alone. But with heavy heart,  I have discovered that I cannot move on anymore.

I wasn’t aware how fragile I am, or how delicate my soul is. Along the way, I have explored my soul, my mind, and my heart. I have figured out how far I can go. I have realized the fact that I am weaker than what I perceived. I have found out the bare truth about myself.

The only truth that I know… is that I give up.



  1. Don’t give up, keep moving forward even when all of you just wanna stay on the same spot. Don’t give up, keep moving forward even if it means just moving one step forward. It may be difficult that so much just want to scream it out loud out of agony. Or so much that you just wanna lie there and not move, not do anything. You just wanna live the way you want to, the ‘giving up’ kind of life. Be weak, be fragile; but not for long. Surpass the weakness because one day you’ll look back and thank yourself for being strong. It may not be easy but take baby steps, take your time. You’re more than this. Challenges are thrown to those who can take it, and you’re one of them. You can do this!


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