Budapest.. With Love

The huge vast nature.. The green endless valleys.. The countless huge trees.. The extreme green forest.. This is where every peace of beauty gather to paint the most stunning picture in the world.

There are cities gifted with nature.. One of them is Budapest. They are very simple people with very high level of inner beauty. They strive away of complexities. No wonder why they are so clear from inside. The nature surrounding them gives no choice but to go back to the basics of life.

You notice how their girls pick their clothes. They are elegant, simple, sweet, and beautiful. The beauty of their dresses and outfits shows simple elegance in its most abstract way.

You can’t overlook the way they talk. They do speak slowly, clearly, and very quietly. It reveals the stress-free life that they have. In the beginning you might get the impression that they want to say something very important, when you figure out it is only a short explanation for a traditional process. The inner peace prevails massively on their communication.

You have endless options for relaxation. Let it be the river, or the marvelous hills, or the traditional sightseeings. It could be an aimless walk for 20 kms without even noticing the time. It is mere beauty all around, that you barely notice the time or the distance you walked.

Budapest is one of a kind. It captures you with its everlasting first impression. It merely changes, and it always leaves a beautiful trace in your heart.


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