Computer Science vs. Time

He was always right. What our professor in the university has always told us, was always right. Now after almost 10 years of leaving the university, he is still right. His words still resonate in my mind regardless of how much time is passing!

That professor has always said that by being a computer science student, you need to expand your time. His words were: “You are a computer science student. You do not have a normal time like the rest of humans. Your day is a 48 hours day, your week is a 10 days week and your month is a 6 weeks month. You have to create the time to succeed. You have no normal time scale like the rest. That’s not enough!”.

In fact, by being a software engineer implies increasing your time multiple times! His words were right for the university time, when I had to study and practice a lot besides my full-time job in sports and besides being a student for 30 hours attending lectures and labs. This race with the time was the major competition I had to go through, with no option to lose!

Now, after a decade of leaving the university, I figured out that his words are still valid. Honestly speaking, the competition with the time is growing harder and more aggressively. I need to end up having around 4 to 6 months every month! Otherwise I would be out of the game. This constant run to beat the time is one hell of a job. It was stressful in the first few years and now it became a “lifestyle”.

That professor was one of the best teachers for me. His analogy and philosophy was quite vague at that time. But now, after years, he is the only one whose words still resonate in my mind.


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