Unrealistic Expectations

Expectations are nightmares. They are monsters that eat away our happiness. They destruct our lives, and bring more misery. They raise our standards to unrealistic levels, which would never be met. Expectations are misinterpreted as motivational keywords, however, it is nothing but a lethal depressive weapon.

636036830644057304862331749_angry-girlWe set expectations for a lot of things in our lives: standard of living, family, type of work, what we study, how we look like, what we eat, friends…etc. Almost everything is having a certain perception in our minds. This perception formulates our dreams for what we wish to achieve. We inject those dreams in our soul and mind until it becomes part of who we are. This is what we call expectations.

The problem arise when those expectations are way too high. Only then, irreversible disappointment occurs. When we dream of unrealistic conditions, no matter how far we achieve to reach that expectation, it will always be a huge disappointment. In fact, the further we go forward, the more we get frustrated. This frustration is quite destructive that it might even derive us to a decision to end our lives.

Unrealistic expectations generate anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment and damage our self-confidence.

Along my journey in this life, I have learnt to lower my expectations to a very low level. A level which ensures that I will definitely achieve. It motivates me to go forward, move faster, and achieve higher than expected. I believe it is those small instantaneous moments of happiness when an initial expectation is reached, that give me that huge push to move further.

If I would write down anything that I have learned in this life, it is to never set unrealistic expectation. Just let it flow. Expectations will grow higher along time, and they will expand as long as they are realistic!


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