Michael Kors Syndrom

This is a brand which is quite exclusive for the high elite people from my humble point of view. It sells hand bags with price range between 300 € up to 3000 € or even more if you like. Little purses range around 200 €. In brief, this is a brand which I would not buy even if I had the money. It is not about the inability to buy it, but I actually don’t want to. I can but I won’t!

maxresdefaultI would never buy something which is that much expensive to hold a brand name, simply because it is against my principles. It is neither diamond nor gold. It is not something made 5000 years ago. It is no treasure, and definitely any high quality bag would get the job done! At least for me, I would travel to somewhere new, rent a car I wished to drive over the weekend, try a fancy massage, or try some super delicious restaurant rather than buying such a bag. It would imply paying the same amount of money or even more, but on something else.

These are my principles. Nevertheless, I don’t mind people buying them. I will not judge or blame anyone who buys such high class bag. I would never give myself the right to interfere in their personal belongings. The only thing I might not understand easily is why someone would borrow a huge fortune to carry such bag when they don’t really afford it. It could be a life dream for them. But it shouldn’t be that much of a life target. Again and again, I still prevent myself to judge those who work overtime or two full time jobs for the sake of such bags. Perhaps it brings for them the happiness that I have when I rent a luxuries car.

Now that I have made my own choice for the bag that I will carry. I hardly accept people blaming me for holding a bag which is not a real Michael Kors! There is another brand in Egypt which makes something similar to the famous MK but with two other initials. They are colorful beautiful high quality women hand bags. Honestly, they match who I am more. But that’s not the point now.

Sardonically, one of my best friends made fun of me for holding such bag of my choice. Not because of how it looks like, but because of the two initials which are not MK!!! I have been living abroad for quite some time now. Seeing this kind of a comment coming out of someone I sincerely admired one day, made me see how much people change. This was a person who barely used Taxi’s because they were expensive. Now, to fit in the social level he looks forward to join, he gave himself the right to comment on my high quality hand bag and to make fun of it in front of everyone without caring about how that might make me feel.

Honestly, ever since that odd conversation, three major things I learnt:

First, I should stop communication with my friend. No friend is allowed to embarrass me or disrespect my choices.

Second, I will never buy an MK bag; because it reminds me with that weird conversation.

Third, I will follow my principles and try not to change in a way which hurts others who were once my close friends.

I still love Michael Kors bags. But I would never buy one not to change in a way which makes me show off. It is not a target for me to have one. Perhaps one day if my income reached 50 times its price, I would think of buying one out of need and not out of showing off. I really hope that I never have that Michael Kors syndrome which is spreading badly in Egypt!


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