Jumping Off A Cliff

woman-on-cliffs-edgeLife is full of variables and some facts. Change is the only fixed constant in this life. Change happens in different variables, but with limited changes. Everyone changes and everything alters. No alive soul remains the same and no reviving spirit remains in place.

Change on its own is healthy, and quite reviving. It is gets harder when it becomes a tedious lifestyle. When exponential variation is severely increasing on every possible variable, this change becomes stressful and irritating. There are people who enjoy and seek changing their whole life all at once. While others lose their minds with the significantly jumping variations in their lives. Humans are meant to settle down at one certain point of time.

Some enjoy changes with small steps the whole time, while others go for a sudden single change with a huge impact. Some prefer to go down a mountain over stairways with predictable steps, yet they enjoy exploring the path and the view. Others choose to jump off the cliff without making sure that they have a parachute on! Change is beautiful and wonderful. It is liberating and reviving. However, with some changes, when its impact is quite severe, the damage is irreversible…


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