Checkpoints… Who of us ever thought of planning checkpoints in their lives? It has always been taken for granted that our thoughts and ideas would never change. Until one day we wake up to realize, that the only constant is change!

Checkpoints should be done in everything, let it be our jobs, our goals, and even our partners. We need to assess that our job is done in the right way. It is an ongoing process of questioning our job, and our reasons for taking that job.

Checkpoints for our goals are important. We need to check that our steps are taking us to our goals. Ideally, we need to check that our goals are still valid. We also evaluate our approaches to reach those goals. They might be outdated!

Checkpoints in our relationships are extremely crucial. We change. Our partners change as well. If we both change without alignment, it would definitely end up with two people who are no longer a couple. They would change separately until one day, they wake up, not able to recognize each other.


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