Does Not Matter

desperateWhat is done is done and what is said is said. It does not matter how we try to change facts. Facts will always be facts. The past will not change no matter how hard we try to cover it up.

Some past is not like any other. Some words are harder than any sword. Some actions are more dangerous than all others. Some decisions have no returning back point.

It is our lives, our choices, and our decisions. We decide which story our life would be. We pick how others would classify us. We draw the image how others would see us. It does not matter how hard we work on changing how others perceive us. Sometimes it does not matter anymore.


One comment

  1. If you say so. I sometimes feel that we are just directing the blame people who hurt us not to admit that is God is the one to blame for what is happening because we are afraid of realizing such a fact. It takes a truly free man, a Junzi and a philosopher to understand, forgive, accept and even ask for more experiences. Not all people are up to the challenge.


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