Don’t Underestimate Guilt

7e5528224840380b9fc10de681780f51Do not underestimate guilt. It is a heavy load that prevents us from moving forward. It is often taken lightly by others, and by the guilty person himself. However, such guilt is destructive. It might grow out of control leading that people choose to end their lives to escape that torture.

Guilt is a heavy weight. It locks our steps and stops our senses. It darkens our sight and turns our dreams to doomed nightmares.

It is sometimes seen that guilt is healthy. Honestly, to a certain degree, it is! But when it becomes chronic, then it is definitely harmful. In some cases, we need to throw away those packed luggage to be able to more forward.

Don’t underestimate guilt. Help other learn from their mistakes, but do not load them with weights they cannot remove later on.



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