Dark Room

59116_109228382469836_1459195_nSometimes we are locked in a room of darkness, totally drained by our internal doomed thoughts. Some thoughts bring us down, and close our chances to see hope. Some thoughts are massively depressing, draining our energies, and leaving us unwilling to move. Some other times, it is our fear of the unknown that keeps us locked that way.

The longer we stay in the room, the more we get attached to it. The longer we stay in such darkness, the more we forget how bright the rest of the world might be. The longer we are locked, the higher probability that we forget how to go out of such darkness.

It needs a miracle from someone to open the door for us, to allow some fresh air inside. Perhaps God sends a very strong wind to break the windows and shake the curtains to allow some sunlight inside. It might be a miracle, or an act of coincidence. Nonetheless, such small change makes all the difference for us. It brings out more energy to eliminate this darkness. It generates interest to explore the rest of the world. Moreover, it leads us to the thought that there is a merciful God who did not forget us locked in darkness forever.

In one way or another, no matter how long you have been in such darkness, there is always a way out. It might be a crystal clear exist, or might be a new path that you have never explored… yet.



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