Why..? I had built a lot of bridges to reach you.. but you brought them all down. Why..? I have given you all the keys to my soul, my mind and my heart, but you used them to lock me inside… Alone.. sinking in darkness.. lost in my thoughts. Why..? I have chosen honesty and openness with you. I have spoken out my mind, and imposed my hanging questions, while you chose to leave them all unanswered. Why..? What did I do to you to push me away that way? Are you scared of my darkness? Do you fear revealing your real you? Or is it a hidden beast that is now being unleashed? Why do I approach you an inch regularly, meanwhile you push me a whole mile back suddenly? I have to admit that I have lost my strength trying to resist your sudden pushes. I have also to state that I have no more energy to approach you or anyone ever again. Why..? After all that trust I put in you, you ditched it all away. You made a devastating choice to build a high barrier to prevent any further attempts to reach you. The only thing I wish to know now is Why…


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