Feelings Poems

Hope is Rare

The_eye_of_the_SoulHope comes in different forms
On windy days with sandy storms
Positive thoughts are hard to find
Each action done, is one of a kind

It might be a single word of a song
Sometimes also something done wrong!

Reading a book or watching a movie
After all, it does not matter anymore
Reaching hope is ultimately groovy
Eliminating the pain, healing the sore


I will Leave

packing_bagsI have to leave with no return
Against me, everything will turn
That aching pain does burn
Nothing more I can learn

The dreams of the past
always failed to last
The happy days passed so fast
My imagination was quite vast

Seeking help, screaming out
Of myself, I am never proud
With the highest voice I shout
Off the mud, let me out

Out of your life, I will leave
Definitely, my heart does grieve
No more lies will you believe
I can no longer make you relieve

Void Life

14219The-wings-of-rose-are-flying-and-vanishing-from-the-girl-back-wallpaperThat moment when you realize the void life you have built…
That moment when you feel the impact of your decisions…
That moment when you find out how sharp you deviated…
That moment when you choose to walk blind folded..

It is when all the principles of life collapse..
It is when all questions are answered with gaps…
It is when all paths lead to dead ends…
It is when it becomes too late for amends…

To You, I Belong

Among all the darkness of the night14653
You will always be the light
which brightens my life
You, who I will always strive

You have always been there
Everything with you I could share
My motto with you was the free will
That persistent voice of “I will”

Without limits or restrictions
Everything with you was allowed
No matter the type of distractions
Everyone beside you has bowed

You will always be higher than anyone
Closer to me than my own son
Better than any type of fun
More beautiful than the light of the sun

You are the only who held my soul
who made me stand up after I fall
No matter how long we do not call
You will always have my heart, as a whole

I always question myself if I miss you
But I realize that I do not only miss you
To you I belong, from you I came
Life without you, is no longer the same

I Will

I-Will-Do-Anything-For-YouHow can a very simple thing
that you once phrased,
be better than any song one can sing,
& leave me completely amazed

This exact two words sentence
that you always say
Is the sweetest judge that you sentence
& turns me on for the whole day

The words are not love words
But they are sweeter than any music cords
You simply say “I will”
I hear it, and I freeze stand still

The impact is so strong
Only with you, I cannot be wrong
For you, I would sing a song
To you, I definitely belong

Under One Roof

FotoYou gave me what no one could give
Only with you I wish to live
Under one roof, behind one door
After doing everything and a little bit more
Reviving my soul, healing my heart
Each new meaning with you is a sort of art
My heart knows now the meaning of happiness
I wish our love the whole world would witness
Nothing is more beautiful than you by my side
Every single feeling for you, I hold with pride