Feelings Poems

I Will

I-Will-Do-Anything-For-YouHow can a very simple thing
that you once phrased,
be better than any song one can sing,
& leave me completely amazed

This exact two words sentence
that you always say
Is the sweetest judge that you sentence
& turns me on for the whole day

The words are not love words
But they are sweeter than any music cords
You simply say “I will”
I hear it, and I freeze stand still

The impact is so strong
Only with you, I cannot be wrong
For you, I would sing a song
To you, I definitely belong

Under One Roof

FotoYou gave me what no one could give
Only with you I wish to live
Under one roof, behind one door
After doing everything and a little bit more
Reviving my soul, healing my heart
Each new meaning with you is a sort of art
My heart knows now the meaning of happiness
I wish our love the whole world would witness
Nothing is more beautiful than you by my side
Every single feeling for you, I hold with pride

Heal of Heart

Love_Can_Heal_You_by_christiansFor all my wounds, you are the heal
Every dream with you is so real
After every touch, my happiness grows
Remembering you, my face glows
On every road we once drove
Finding our marks of our special love
Listening to each other is our key
Ignoring our pitfalls especially with me
Following my heart with you
Emits sparks of desire for you

Busy Life

Busy-Life-Syndrome In the busy life we have,
Listening to others is what we starve.
Over the lost minutes during the day,
Vailing our principles for targets we cannot delay.
Every day we are looping in a round
Yesterday left us with a thousand wound
Our future is restricted and bound
Understanding each other cannot be assumed

Love Addiction

After all these years of addicting youbook_addicted_to_love_wallpapers
Having you by my side
Making me happier, merrier because of you
Every single moment you boost my pride
Darling, without you, I have nothing to long to

Kindness is the best trait you possess
Allowing me to be your one and only princess
Love has a new definition with you
A new beautiful meaning because of you

Being that much full of life
Another word would be ‘alive’
Loneliness from my dictionary is omitted
After all these years, to you I am truly addicted

I’m Addicted to You

Beautiful song, with amazing lyrics and rhythm…


I don’t know just how it happened,
I let down my guard…
Swore I’d never fall in love again
But I fell hard.

Guess I should have seen it coming,
Caught me by surprise…
I wasn’t looking where I was going,
I fell into your eyes.

You came into my crazy world like a cool and cleansing wave.
Before I, I knew what hit me baby you were flowing through my veins…

I’m addicted to you,
Hooked on your love,
Like a powerful drug
I can’t get enough of,
Lost in your eyes,
Drowning in blue
Out of control,
What can I do?
I’m addicted to you!

Midnight blows in through the window,
Dances round the room…
Got me hypnotized,
I’m getting high on the perfume.

I couldn’t live without you now,
Oh, I know I’d go insane,
I wouldn’t last one night alone baby,
I couldn’t stand the pain!

I’m addicted to you!
Hooked on your love,
Like a powerful drug
I can’t get enough of,
Lost in your eyes,
Drowning in blue
Out of control,
What can I do?
I’m addicted to you!


Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/dani-studio/addicted-to-you-avicii



Why does every love song remind me of you
Whether it is a break up, miss or strong love song!
Every single song, reminds me of you
It makes me sure that love we had was so strong
It is unbelievable this connection
I look to you, I see my reflection
I look to me, I see your finger prints
On my life, on my soul, it’s all your prints
Our eyes do not lie
My feelings will never fade
With you, I always fly
I always feel, for you I was made